1. Auxiliary contacts

Four additional contacts offer the possibility to connect the LuxLift to a DALI, DMX, or emergency power system.

2. Protection class

With protection class IP 54, the LuxLift is optimally protected against dirt, dust and splash water. The LuxLifts are therefore suitable for all indoor use (eg. industrial halls and workshops) and with the optional weatherproof cover also suitable for outdoor use.

3. Lowering

LuxLifts are equipped with a maximum lowering height of 20 meters as standard.

Higher lowering distances are available on request.

4. Non-rotating

Our two-point suspension system ensures that the suspended objects do not twist during the lowering and lifting process and lock into place exactly as intended.

5. Smart lowering

Up to two lowering distances can be stored for each LuxLift.

The working height represents the lowering distance at which you can comfortably carry out necessary work from the ground.

Storing the floor height ensures that the suspended object can never “drive into the floor”.

In addition, the LuxLifts can also be lowered manually to the desired height with pinpoint accuracy.

6. Safety interlocking

The engagement of a special safety interlock relieves the load plate and the suspension rope. This ensures an increased service life and serves as an additional safety device.

Before each lowering process, the current to the contacts is automatically switched off and then switched on again after raising, following activation of the safety interlock – thus ensuring voltage-free working.

7. Lifting weight

The LuxLift Light series is currently available with load weights of 12 kg / 25 kg / 35 kg / 50 kg and 70 kg.

Further models (with higher load weights) are already under development.

8. Remote control via app

The lift housing contains the control of the lifts, which are addressed wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.0 with the Luxlift app.

A wired solution with control cables is also possible.

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